At Plastic Dress-Up Service we provide coating processes for all Plastics, Vinyl, RFI/EMI, Texture Paint, Reflective Coatings, Graphite, Waterborne, Lacquer, Two Component Urethanes, Soft Touch, Conductive, Teflon and Under Engine Components, Pad Printing, Prototype and First Builds.

  • We are a low overhead, highly efficient company that is comprised of dedicated and experienced employees.

  • We offer infrared and convection cure systems, as well as manual and automated spray capabilities.

  • We provide our customers with the following information on a monthly or per shipment basis as required: Raw Rejects, Shortages/ Over Runs, Mixed Parts, Receiving Discrepancies, Percentage Scrap and Percentage Rework if mold related.

  • We pride ourselves on customer service, quality, delivery time, cost effectiveness and maximizing the return of finished product.




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